Factory Modifications
Sunline Solaris 2753 Travel Trailer

Order Date: 04/25/02 - Delivery Date: 08/05/02 - Model Year: '02

  • Build Coach on a "Straight Axel" Trailer Frame instead of a "Drop Axel" Frame to add ground clearance.
  • Linoleum floor covering the entire coach then carpet the entire coach standard blue, linoleum adds an additional water barrier over the wooden floor.
  • Move the couch from along Street side in front corner to Door side just behind the front door, install a drawer at the door end, move the 115 VAC receptacle from the wall behind the couch to the couch kit board, and add an outside access door in the middle under it, eliminating the dinette that was really too small.
  • Replace the Door side Large Window behind the couch, in it's new position, with a 60" by 17" window like the one that was behind it in it's original position.
  • Install a Large Dinette, 50 inches wide, across the front with a Hamper on the Street side and center the 115 VAC and 12 VDC outlets over the new Dinette Table. (Large Dinette like our 1993 SunLine 2251)
  • Replace front Street side Window with a shorter Slider window that clears the Dinette bench.
  • Extend Kitchen Counter 25 inches forward, toward, the front of the coach, to the Hamper and Street side Bench of the Dinette with one deep drawer in the Door side bench at the end. Extra Kitchen Counter space is really great!
  • The cabinet below the 25' extended kitchen counter, is to have two large doors cabinet doors opposite and the same as the cabinet under the sink, a drawer at the top and the fold down door below.
  • Move the Water Tank against the Street side outer wall and eliminate the outside access door behind it.
  • Eliminate the rear outside access door, as the Spare Tire will cover it.
  • All cabinet doors will be plain wood doors, no mirrors! (Mirror on the bathroom door and bathroom medicine chest stay)
  • All cushion fabric and the couch fabric should be the solid dark blue that would normally be on the chair, which will also be eliminated. (Leave accent treatment over windows and bed.)
  • Replace 25,000 BTU, furnace with a 30,000 BTU, furnace.
  • Add 12 VDC at all four Vent openings as well as six conductor control wiring for future fans. Terminate control wiring in a plain covered electrical box as follows:
    • From both vent openings in Main room, terminate in a box located approximately where the A/C controls would normally go for the Fan Tastic Vent fans.
    • From vent opening in Bathroom, terminate in a box to the left of existing 115 VAC outlets above the Bathroom counter for the Fan Tastic Vent fan.
    • From the vent opening in the Bedroom, terminate in a box under the back window centered over the bed, about in the middle of the accent strip on the wall for the Fan Tastic Vent fan.
  • Add two, two wire pairs, of at least #16 gauge wire from the plain covered box centered over the bed to a plain covered box on the rear wall of the Street side nightstand for light controls.
  • Replace the single slide-out step at each door with a double slide-out step due to the straight axels.
  • Third set of Stereo Speakers in the Bathroom.

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